Company Profile

About Us

To find out as much about our company as possible without having to read too much we have given bullet points with the main features of our company below:

Fair Pricing Policy

We believe that long term business relationships are built on trust. It is our policy to be honest and open whilst providing our customers with quality services at fair prices whilst caring for the environment.

Our fair pricing policy promotes:

We are committed to the success of our customers and believe that their hard work is as valuable as ours. Our pricing is based on our cost plus a reasonable profit margin to allow for continued growth and development of our business, employees and environmental commitments.

Our driving philosophy behind this simple yet powerful principle is that if Elite remains profitable, competitive and environmentally friendly, our future and that of our customers, partners and families will be secure and prosperous.

The Vision Behind Our Success

A world-class organisation providing sustainable and ethical logistics solutions.

Our achievements come from the following fundamental values, which are at the foundation of who we are:


being honest with ourselves and others; honouring our words and commitments


being accountable for our words, actions and decisions. Responsible not just for ourselves, but for our colleagues, our customers and for the success of Elite

Our environment is:


recognising, developing and unleashing the potential of every one’s similarities and differences in service of Elite’s objectives


a climate of innovation providing a sense of confidence and a new way of approaching problems that encourages people to be motivated, take initiative and make things happen; generating possibilities free from the constraints of the past


a vibrant atmosphere where people can make friends, find support and have fun whilst achieving new levels of performance


where people at every level are motivated to think and operate as leaders rather than merely carrying out their assigned accountabilities


a place where people are listening within the context of serving others creating new opportunities for the future


where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their personal potential within the objectives of the company


aware of the effect we have on the environment and the contribution we can make to our communities

Elite is a thriving company that exceeds customer expectations by constantly developing strategic initiatives at every level of the organisation created by our team who take on the company goals as their own